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Women’ s Health Pelvic Floor Myth Buster Evening returns on Zoom

I’m delighted to announce Shirley is going to deliver What every Women should Know about the Pelvic Floor! on Zoom next Friday 23rd October at 6.30 pm. Goodie bags will be available for collection from the studio on Saturday 24th Oct. If you would like to join please get in touch. Many people are putting up with problems at the moment to avoid overloading their GP. Please don’t suffer in silence do sign up and listen to Shirley . She has plenty of useful advice / tips and Information with regards to the Pelvic Floor .

Great news from Moya this week as she completed the APPI Matwork 3 Pilates course and passed the APPI Instructors exam. She is now not only a Physiotherapist teaching Pilates but also an APPI approved Pilates Instructor!! In our very different world she has enjoyed being able to focus on Pilates and use her time to fine tune her skills to pass the dreaded exam. I hope one day we will all be back at the studio sharing all our skills with you all.

After the government announcements and spread of the virus this week that does feel a long way off. I am enjoying teaching our current classes. The challenge of teaching live and Zoom is certainly keeping me on my toes. Feedback from everyone has been positive so I hope you are all enjoying the benefits of Pilates whichever method you are choosing to use!!

UK active are lobbying hard to allow Gyms and Exercise classes to continue in an area with Tier III restrictions. The balance between maintaining our Physical and Mental Health with doing our best to avoid spreading the virus certainly feels very difficult. It is a dilemma unlike anything I have faced before. Being able to focus on the delivery of the classes each week is a very positive part of my life. Delivering care in the NHS really highlights for me the difficulties faced by many different sectors of society. Christmas is already being mentioned in our house but right now I can’t even begin to imagine how life will be by then. I’ve no idea which treats I would miss out if I don’t have a houseful of people to share them with!! My creative side would be strongly challenged if all gifts have to be ordered and delivered on line!!!

Take care, Stay safe


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