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If you require Physiotherapy Treatment

Conditions we treat include:

- Neck and back pain,

- Joint and soft tissue problems,

- Arthritic conditions,

- Sports injuries,

- Cervicogenic headaches,

- Sprains and strains.

- Hypermobility

Treatments we offer include

Manual therapy - joint mobilisations, manipulation, massage.

Treatments we offer include

Electrotherapy - ultrasound, interferential therapy.

Treatments we offer include

Acupuncture - for pain relief and to reduce muscle spasm.

Treatments we offer include

Exercises/Pilates - to restore movement, and to strengthen.

Treatments we offer include

Postural and coping advice.

Anne  Tel: 07814776047 or Karen on 07572574624



Our Treatments are personalised for you After a thorough assessment, a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan and goals are then agreed.

New Service

Home visits are now being offered within 10 miles of Meadowfield. If you have transport issues or time constraints then maybe a home visit would be the solution.

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