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Information for Clients attending Live Pilates Classes at the studio

  1. Please arrive at the studio at least 5 minutes before the start of the class. Please maintain social distancing while waiting outside the clinic and on entering and leaving the studio when not on your mat. In bad weather, you can wait in your car as long as it is parked within sight of our entrance. The Physiotherapist will unlock the door and invite you in.                       

  2. You will need to bring your own mat, towel and equipment with you.  Please bring minimal personal belongings with you into the building. Please avoid bringing handbags.  

  3. There are markers on the floor in the studio to identify where you should place your mat. 

  4. Hand Sanitiser will be available to use at the entrance/exit of the clinic

  5. A  bench will be available in the landing outside the studio for you to sit on to remove shoes. You will be able to keep your shoes on the plastic sheet beside your mat.

  6.  There will be a CO2 monitor in the studio which will monitor the airflow during the class.

  7. Windows will be kept open to maintain good ventilation

  8. Any queries please contact Anne Burr on 07814776047 prior to your class

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