Please note you only need to fill these forms in once 

Information for Clients attending Live Pilates Classes at the studio

  1. Please arrive at the studio at least 5 minutes before the start of the class. Please maintain social distancing while waiting outside the clinic and on entering and leaving the studio when not on your mat. In bad weather, you can wait in your car as long as it is parked within sight of our entrance. The Physiotherapist will unlock the door and invite you in.                       

  2. You are encourage to download the NHS QR code track and trace app and asked to scan the code on the wall as you arrive for your class.              

  3.  Please bring your own mask or face covering to wear until you take your place on your mat and you will need to wear it again when you leave your mat. We do have a small supply if you forget.                                                    Clients will not be wearing masks during the class.

  4. You will need to bring your own mat, towel and equipment with you.  Please bring minimal personal belongings with you into the building. Please avoid bringing handbags.  

  5. There are markers on the floor in the studio to identify where you should place your mat. 

  6. All Physiotherapists will walk around the room during the class providing individual feedback. They will wear an FII mask when not on their mat.

  7.  You will need to complete the Co-Vid 19 Screening Questionnaire and medical Questionnaire and submit them approximately 48 hours before your first class. (This will only need to be done for your first class)

  8. Hand Sanitiser will be available to use at the entrance/exit of the clinic

  9. A  bench will be available in the landing outside the studio for you to sit on to remove shoes. You will be able to keep your shoes on the plastic sheet beside your mat.

  10.  There will be a CO2 monitor in the studio which will monitor the airflow during the class.

  11. Windows will be kept open to maintain good ventilation

  12. If you becomes ill with Symptoms of Cov-id 19 within 48 hours of attending the class, we ask you to let me know as soon as possible so I can let all your class mates know. 

  13. If the clinic is contacted by track and trace we may be required to share your contact details with them.

Any queries please contact Anne Burr on 07814776047 prior to your class

Coming to Classes at the Studio

I am delighted that you are  returning to classes at the studio . I ask you to read the following information before making your booking.

Even though covid restrictions have now been lifted we are continuing with many measures to help maintain a safe environment for clients and staff

All the Physiotherapists teaching the classes have had both of their Co-vid 19 Vaccines and they complete Lateral Flow Tests twice each week.

On initial opening of the live classes we followed the Government Guidelines for opening Gyms / Studios and advice from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy  / PHE to provide a co-vid safe environment for us all to work in. Many of these measures are still in place.

To maintain Social Distancing  there will be a reduced number of clients in the studio. The Physio will walk around the room to provide individual feedback. She will wear a mask when not on her mat. We will be using equipment eg Soft Balls, DRolls which will be wiped with ante bacterial wipes between each class. 

We ask you to bring your own mat and towel with you and band if you have one.

I ask anyone who feels unwell or is living with someone who is Isolating  or feeling unwell not to attend the class.

Please complete and submit the  Co-VID Screening questionnaire and Medical Questionnaire at least 48 hours before your first class.You will not be able to attend the class if these forms have not been submitted.