Studio Live from 1st October 2020
Class Times
Classes are nearly all full.
Monday 9.30am Anne
Monday 11.00am Anne
Monday 6.00pm Anne
Monday 7.30pm Anne
Wednesday 6.00pm Joanne
Wednesday 7.30pm Joanne
Friday 9.30am Anne
Friday 11.00am Anne
 Live classes will take place at the studio with a current maximum of 7 per class. Please read the COMING TO CLASSES page on the web site. 
If you are a Gold member you will be able to book these classes online. Please watch the video on the home page to find out how to.
If you are a Platinum member you can also book these classes online as usual. 
Class Times 
                                                                    Monday  Zoom  9.30 am Anne                           
 Monday  Zoom 6.00 pm Anne
 Monday Zoom 7.30 pm Anne
  Wednesday Zoom 6.30 pm Rachael   
  Friday Zoom  9.30 am.   Anne
 Zoom  Classes will have up to 20 people in 
Classes on zoom will start at the stated time but will be open 10 minutes before to set up and chat if you want.
Also at the end, there will be some time for feedback.
Also, if you are not a technology person just get in touch with Anne and we will set up your membership and give you all that you need to continue to access the videos online. We can also easily organize your zoom classes over text or email or the phone so just ask.