Class Times  
( all live and Zoom classes 1 hour duration )

Monday zoom           8.20  am   Anne
Monday  studio         9.30  am   Anne 
Monday  studio         10.45 am  Anne                 
Monday  studio         5.45 pm   Josie   
Monday zoom           6.00 pm   Anne 

Tuesday studio         8.30 am   Rachael Smith
Tuesday studio         9.45 am   Rachael Smith
Tuesday studio        5.00 pm    Anne
Tuesday studio        6.15 pm   Anne
Tuesday studio        7.30 pm   Anne

Wednesday studio  6.30 pm Rachael Bullock
Wednesday Zoom  7.40 pm  Rachael Bullock

Thursday studio 1.30 pm Shirley Post natal
Thursday Zoom 1.30 pm Shirley Post natalT
Thursday Studio    6.15 pm Rachael Smith

Friday Zoom           8.20 am Anne
Friday studio          9.30 am Anne 
Friday studio          10.45 am Anne

Saturday studio      8.30 am Josie From 4th Dec
                                 9.40 am Josie From 4th Dec


Classes starting soon
please get in touch if you would like to book into these classes.
Monday studio        7.00 pm Josie
Tuesday studio       10.45 am Rachel Smith

Thursday studio     7.30 pm  Rachel Smith