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What does online Pilates do for you? ( Gold and Platinum members )

Here are some of the comments that members made on the recent Survey. I thought it best just to share them with you. In these tough times i have felt the Pilates Classes have been a great way for us all to cope with the difficult situation.

June 2020

Gives me a focus to keep up my pilates and great to see everyone for a chat too .

It makes sure I keep doing the classes. If I didn't do any I would be struggling with flexibility and mobility and would really struggle when classes in the studio return.

Motivates me to keep on doing pilates and keep pushing myself.

Gives me variety in type and length of Video classes. Zoom classes are nice for feeling back with people again and also for getting feed back.

motivates, energises,general feeling of well being with more confident mobility.

Helps to fend off back problems by keeping me mobile and having tolerably good posture.

Before restarting the classes I had really started to struggle with back pain again, affecting all aspects of my life. The reduction in pain was immediate from the first class & has continued to improve with every session since. I’m enjoying not having to travel to classes. I find it easier to fit into my day & I don’t have to find someone to look after the kids.

The Zoom classes make me prioritise time for my wellbeing in a busy week. I really look forward to and enjoy them, feel healthier and fitter for them. It’s good to have a dose of Ann and Archie news and see the other participants too. I am not disciplined enough to use the videos frequently but enjoy them and feel the benefit when I do.

Keeps me supple, moving and enjoy the 'me' time.

Helps maintain flexibility. The Zoom sessions also bring some structure to the week.

It makes me more conscious of how I sit and move, improves my muscle strength and balance and increases my well-being.


Ensures better mobility and structured exercise


Keeps us flexible after working at a computer all day

it keeps me motivated to continue with Pilates, which is more difficult alone. Also the only way to make sure I'm doing the movements properly


Keeps me exercising regularly, with a schedule.

Makes me work harder, and think more about how to work properly.

It motivates me to practice pilates and I benefit from the online feedback re technique and the opportunity to ask questions.

It gives me routine and flexibility at the same time although I am really missing a studio class.

Adds discipline to my life, motivates me to exercise more, lifts my mood.

Feel more positive about life. Body feels stretched.

It feels as if you are actually doing a class rather than just the videos. It is nice to see Anne and be told how to do the exercises rather than just think you are doing them correctly from the videos.

Enables me to do a Pilates class at any time to fit in with my time off. Gives me the opportunity to have some ‘time out’ where I can just engage in the session-feels almost ‘normal’ & I always feel mentally & physically better afterwards.

It's great to be able to have a Zoom class as it helps with motivation. (Worth the clunky issues I have had with Zoom!!) I have been relatively indisciplined at doing videos except for relaxation with Moya! Though I have done a few. Especially in lockdown, it is nice to have real-time people there and a little chat when it's over if time. It's a real tension/stress buster.It's really kept me going and keeping me moving! Thanks for all the effort you have put in to make it work.

I like the regular contact with Anne and the other members of the class. It's great to get Anne's feedback and it's good to know when you are on track and doing the right thing. Pilates helps me relax at the end of the day, particularly when I've spent so much time in online meetings or working at the laptop.

It helps me feel good about myself - I am doing something to help my mind and body.

Keeps me supple and we’ll stretched and relaxed at end of session.

Allows me to continue to enjoy pilates in a structured way , despite not being able to attend classes.

Helps me to move with less pain and strengthens my joints, muscles etc.

Gives structure to my week... a good stretch and feeling of being realigned.

Keeps me supple, interested, motivated and happy.

Allows me to stay flexible. Zoom ensures that I do my pilates class, while the recordings mean I can choose to do additional classes at a time to suit my other commitments- the best of both worlds.

Allows me to continue my Pilates skills in a supportive community, helps me stay connected with some positivity when most of life is upside down. Most of all gets me moving.

Keeps me flexible. Gives me a time to focus which gives my mind a break from everything else happening.

It's keeping me doing at least one full Pilates session per week. Three of us have an informal agreement that we'll all do a certain workout every Tuesday morning, just as we would have been if we were coming into the studio. We get together online afterwards to de-brief. It's provided great motivation. Thanks for making the sessions available.

Helps maintain the flexibility and strength, and improved balance, that I have gained from the pilates classes over the last few years.

Continues my maintenance of core strength and fitness. Structures the day.

Gives me a focus once a week to keep supple and toned. I like the online videos but have been too active outside to make much use of them but like to know they are there.

Focuses me to keep up the stretches and balance.

I have really enjoyed the online Pilates. It has meant that, even during lockdown, I could undertake a range beneficial pilates sessions. The variety that Anne, Moya and Rachel were able to quickly undertake and put on the website has meant that I have completed more than my normal once a week session. In fact, I choose a session six days a week and then complete the live zoom class on Fridays. It's great.

Keeps me mobile relaxed and confident that I am doing something positive to invest in my physical health and well being.

Really keeps my joints moving and ads my posture. Especially m neck and shoulders.

Keeps us fit and keeps us focussed on getting leaner and fitter.

Improves my balance and flexibility. Provides a daily focal point. Helps keep me calm.

I love being able to keep working on trying to have a strong core and an hour to spend on me.

Destresses me, which is a priority. Easy access anytime. Stretches aching bones.

Concentrate the mind ease the body & the soul.

many thanks for all your comments ,


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