Pricing for New Online access Live from 8th May 2020
 Silver membership- Free  access to members page - limited video Classes and access to Blog
Gold membership - £20 per month  Access to all online videos to use as often as you like, Plus one new video class per week and access to Blog
Platinum Membership- £32 per month Access to all online videos to use as often as you like, Plus 4 Zoom sessions a month and access to Blog
This is a one month trial to see if this meets your needs. We will keep this under review.
When you sign up for the Gold or Platinum membership the payment is recurring each month. You can cancel the plan at any time. Your commitment is only one month at a time.
Just to remind everyone, if you select the Platinum membership you can book all four Zoom classes in advance or you can book them one at a time. The system also allows you to change your mind and cancel sessions and rebook.
The current classes we are offering are Mondays at 9.30 am.  Anne
                                                                 Monday at 6.00 pm.    Anne
                                                                 Monday at 7.30 pm.    Anne
                                                                Wednesday 6.30 pm Rachael
                                                                 Friday    at  9.30 am.   Anne
                                                                                                                                 ( Classes will have up to 20 people in ) 
Classes on zoom will start at the stated time but will be open 15 minutes before to set up and chat if you want. Also at the end, there will be some time for feedback.
If these class times do not fit with you please let Anne know.
Other classes will be added once we get the system up and running and we hope to have some of our regular physiotherapists back with the team.
Also, if you are not a technology person just get in touch with Anne and we will set up your membership and give you all that you need to continue to access the videos online. We can also easily organise your zoom classes over text or email or the phone so just ask.
From Friday the 8th of May, you will be able to join the three plans or if you want to try the App on your phone you can follow the instructions below on your phone or load the web site on your phone and click on the link at the top on your phone.
The App is an easy tool to help you book, blog and check messages you will still be able to use your iPad, laptop, and desktop to do all this and to watch your videos and watch zoom classes.
Here are the instructions if you prefer a written format to get the App

 Instructions from your Phone or Ipad


Download the WIX app   WIX (business and community online)    from the app store 


Open app


There are three options continue with Facebook

                                       continue  with Google 

                                       Continue with email

if you select to continue with email option enter your email 


and generate a new password.


next click on Join with an invite code




DVMF3X ( this code links the Wix app to Pilates By Physiotherapy's account )


you will now be on Pilates by physio app 

you will now need to join this by entering your member's password you have been using on the web site to get to the online videos


You are now in!

any problems with passwords etc please ask Mike will fix!

Face to face treatment starts on the 27th July 2020
You will need an initial telephone consultation with the Physiotherapist to check if a face to face appointment is appropriate. 
New patient appointment face to face £43
Review appointment         face to face  £38
New patient video appointment           £30
Review appointment on video                £25
Initial Pilates assessment prior to starting zoom classes  £25 ( video appointment)
Current Client discount rate
Initial  appointment            face to face £38
Review appointment          face to face £ 35
Video appointment                                   £24
or ring Anne on 07814776047