Pricing for Live studio Classes
From October the 1st Live Classes will take place at the studio.
There will be a maximum of 7 clients.
The price of each class will be £11
 You will be able to book these in a block of 4
( If you are a Gold member there is a discount on this of £20 so you will pay. £6 extra for each class.)when booking please use coupon code gold99
(If you are a Platinum member there is a discount of £32 so you will pay £3 extra for each live class.)when booking please use coupon code platinum99
We have had to offer the classes like this to allow the system to cope with gold and Platinium members booking into the same classes. 
You will be able to use the booking system on your app or on the web site to book these live classes.
I would ask if you are living with anyone who is Self Isolating due to COVID 19 that you do not attend Pilates. You may not be isolating yourself but I am keen to add this extra safety measure into the classes
If for any reason you can not make a class in the block of four contact Anne and she will try and move the live class for you. You will not be able to move or cancel live classes once booked yourself. Then you will be able to book a zoom class  / follow a video if that fits in better with your life and daily circumstances. 
If you would prefer to do just two classes live per month please contact Anne and she will set this up for you.
The computer system we are using does not fit what we want perfectly so please bear with us. 
You can attend a total of 4 classes per month. Either all zoom or a block of live classes or a combination of zoom and live classes. No combination should be more than 4 classes per month.
To use the discount codes you must be a member of Gold or Platinium
Discount codes can only be used for booking live studio classes.
How to Book a Block of Live Classes on the website
See the video on the home page or follow the instructions below
You are already a Gold or Platinum member
 1.Login into the website and  click on the down arrow next to your name and select My Bookings
2. Click on Check out our Services
Scroll down that page to find the class you want eg Live Class Mon 7.30 pm Block of 4 classes
3.Click on Book now 
From that page click on more info  and then see full schedule to see list of dates you are signing up to 
4.Click on the Book Now white button at the bottom of the page 
5. Click on enter a coupon code to the right on that page
6.Click in the box that appears and  type in gold99 or platinum99 depending on which plan you are signed up to.
7. Click on the arrow at the right-hand side of the code box (this will apply your code)
You should see your discount here with the amount to pay  
9.Click Pay now enter your card details and click pay now.
Face to face treatment prices
You will need an initial telephone consultation with the Physiotherapist to check if a face to face appointment is appropriate. 
New patient appointment face to face £43
Review appointment         face to face  £38
New patient video appointment           £30
Review appointment on video                £25
Initial Pilates assessment prior to starting zoom classes  £25 ( video appointment)
Current Client discount rate
Initial  appointment            face to face £38
Review appointment          face to face £ 35
New Video appointment                           £30
Review Video appointment                      £20                      
or ring Anne on 07814776047
Pricing Plans
 Silver membership- Free  access to members page - limited video Classes and access to Blog
Gold membership - £20 per month  Access to all online videos to use as often as you like, Plus one new video class per week and access to book live studio classes at additional cost.
Platinum Membership- £32 per month Access to all online videos to use as often as you like, Plus 4 Zoom sessions a month and  access to book live studio classes at additional cost
When you sign up for the Gold or Platinum membership the payment is recurring each month. You can cancel the plan at any time. Your commitment is only one month at a time. If you do want to cancel please inform Anne and she will cancel your payments and plan.
Just to remind everyone, if you select the Platinum membership you can book all four Zoom classes in advance or you can book them one at a time. The system also allows you to change your mind and cancel sessions and rebook.
     Zoom will start at the stated time but will be open 15 minutes before to set up and chat if you want. Also at the end, there will be some time for feedback.
If you are not a technology person just get in touch with Anne and we will set up your membership and give you all that you need to continue to access the videos online. We can also easily organise your zoom classes over text or email or the phone so just ask.
The App is an easy tool to help you book, blog and check messages you will still be able to use your iPad, laptop, and desktop to do all this and to watch your videos and watch zoom classes.
Here are the instructions if you prefer a written format to get the App

 Instructions from your Phone or Ipad setting up App


Download the WIX app   WIX (business and community online)    from the app store or just click on the button on the top of our web site when you have searched for it on your phone or ipad.


Open app


There are three options continue with Facebook

                                       continue  with Google 

                                       Continue with email

if you select to continue with email option enter your email 


and generate a new password.


next click on Join with an invite code




DVMF3X ( this code links the Wix app to Pilates By Physiotherapy's account )


you will now be on Pilates by physio app 

you will now need to join this by entering your member's password you have been using on the web site to get to the online videos


You are now in!

any problems with passwords etc please ask Mike will fix!