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Action Required !

In May 2021 we began our return to Live classes following covid. We went On-line with Zoom in May 2020, had a few months of Live sessions from September to October 2020 but then returned online until May 2021.   I’m not sure where the past two and a half years have gone and it is with huge pleasure I can see that our efforts have paid off and we are now back to the same number of clients and classes we had running in March 2020.This has been a huge journey for us all and we would like to thank you all for your commitment and support.


I feel we have reached the point that we need to increase the price of our classes due to the rise in running costs including energy, rent and service charge to name a few. We have not had a price increase for classes at Pilates By Physiotherapy since May 21.

Sadly I cannot simply raise the price of your current plans on Wix and have looked into alternative on line booking systems. I have not found a system that can offer the flexibility of secured regular class /  swaps / waiting lists without a significant price rise.

To keep prices down I have decided to continue with Wix and so I am asking you to purchase a new version of your plan named Diamond 24 / Ruby 24 / Diamond Plus 24/ Gold 24 / Platinum 24/ Platinum Plus 24 to start on 1st April 2024. The Diamond 24 Plan (equivalent to Diamond Plan) will be £44 per calendar month. If you have used all your sessions on your current plan before April 1st you can cancel your own plan and buy the new one, make sure you set the start date for 1st April . If you will have some unused sessions on your current plan you will need to contact me and I will refund the unused sessions and cancel your plan for you.


The new 24 plans are now available to buy on line so you can buy anytime from now as long as you name your start date as 1st April and book your classes for April as usual. I know many of you will be pleased to have a renewal date of 1st of the month !! Mike will do a video over the next few days which we will post on the home page of the website, to explain how to cancel your plan if you are not sure. You can cancel your current plan in the subscriptions section of your account. When you cancel will depend on your renewal date.  

I hope this transition will work for everyone. It feels as big as launching online in the first place!! If you are unsure please do get in touch with me via phone or email or speak to your class teacher. Overall I think ( and hope ) this will be easier for the majority of you than learning a new system.

I hope you are all enjoying your Classes


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