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Pilates -Gives me Length, Strength, Balance and Gives my Mind a Lovely Rest

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

The gut churning, insomnia inducing uncertainty of the early days of lockdown seem like a distant memory now. As we faced another 24 hours of uncertainty about live classes in the studio this week I find myself much more prepared and calm about our covid journey. I am pleased the STUDIO CONTINUES TO BE OPEN FOR CLASSES

I realise the heart of our business is now Pilates By Physiotherapy On-line and any live classes in the studio are an added bonus. As I see local Restaurants and cafes shudder with our new local guidelines

I feel lucky to be able to deliver my business on line.

I thank you all for your ongoing commitment to Pilates and hope we all enjoy the pleasant reassurance that no matter what the government or council decide we can switch on our devices and find some Pilates By Physiotherapy to enjoy. This is really comforting for me at the moment.

It has been great to see so many of you back at the studio. Feedback has been positive. I know you must miss our hands on correction and your view of Moya and me may not be as good as it was but everyone has said they feel safe and have enjoyed getting out of the house ! Hearing the groans from the clients in the studio has taken me by suprise. I have got quite used to the positive thumbs up feedback from the Zoomers and the quiet peace of being behind a webcam.... the chatter in the studio has been well received by people on Zoom , I would value any feedback anyone wants to give.

I hope the positive energy I get from Pilates is something you gain too. Finding some 'me ' time is never easy but is very important to keep us mentally and physically well.

I took this video to prepare Moya for what she was signing up to on her return to the studio. I wasn't sure if she would laugh or cry ......fortunately she laughed seeing the advantage of speed in our cleaning tasks!!


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Anne Burr
Anne Burr
Sep 20, 2020

They are indeed and get the floor clean in 1.5 laps between each class !


Victoria Redway
Victoria Redway
Sep 19, 2020

I used to use one of those to sweep the floor in a sports hall. They are fun to use!

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