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Pilates Focuses me to keep up the stretches and balance.

Yesterday was quite an extraordinary day. It started with my usual Monday morning Pilates class on Zoom, followed by a Physiotherapy Video Consultation, followed by a face to face appointment at the studio and then a telephone triage appointment for Physiotherapy. I was then back on line for the two evening Pilates classes on Zoom.

I am really pleased that people are grasping that life is not business as usual and our new on line business model does have real benefits. The telephone and Video Physio appointments can be of benefit and if not, face to face treatment is available.

I was also delighted to see quite a few people taking Pilates on holiday. We have had people doing Zoom from Wales, Devon and Scotland. Do let me know if you Gold

members are doing the same with the videos??

I hope to be in touch later this week to hear your opinions about attending Live Classes at the studio. Safety for everyone is my number one concern. I have seen enough suffering from the far reaching effects of Covid 19 over the past four months to know that making an environment Covid Safe is not just government jargon. Providing a safe environment to deliver one to one Physiotherapy has been challenging but bringing a group together indoors takes us to a whole different level!! We await some clarification from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) who are waiting on the Government so I’m not sure clear black and white advice will ever come our way!!

Nevertheless we continue to take small steps on our Covid 19 Journey and I hope everyone is finding their way in our current world. I hope Pilates continues to bring some peace, pleasure,strength and flexibility into all our lives.

Click on the leaflet above to see some very useful stretches if you are spending a lot of time sitting at a desk.

Take Care


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