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Pheasant on the Drive

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Didn't get a photo but we did have a pheasant on our drive on Saturday afternoon until he wandered off down the road !!! Archie let us know he was there by his extra loud barking and jumping up at the window !! I'm doing a late walk with Archie and meeting rabbits / frogs out on the streets .....not good for Archie's walking to heel training but nice for me.

Thank you all so much for your emails / texts letting me know how you are doing. I had hoped to reply to you all personally but I'm afraid there are too many and I'm trying very hard to keep a work / life balance in these changing times . So do keep sending them and law of averages says I will reply eventually as I try to reply to some !!

I spent a long time at the weekend making a Pilates Principles video which we hope to put onto the website soon (haven't dared look back at it yet).....I'm watching the weather men and news readers closely now as I just can't get used to watching the camera while I'm talking .....teaching Pilates is much easier !! We have shared the videos with friends and family so I thought it would help everyone to get the most from the exercises by reminding you all of the main principles of Pilates. I have shared it with the Whats App group we made in 2017 when I met up with my fellow Physio students from Newcastle Poly when we had our 30 year reunion!! I'm very touched to see that 2 of them are moving from their Private Practices back into the NHS....I greatly appreciate their commitment to caring for patients... a journey we all started together way back at coach lane campus. AS we move forward in this journey I'm sure this group will be a source of information / support as we learn from each other, something we as physios are very good at doing !!

Thanks again for all the communication.....whatever the method I really appreciate it.

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