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Lockdown Two Special Offer !

Here we find ourselves at the end of the first week of the Second Lock down. I hope you have all enjoyed the benefits of Pilates this week. I have really enjoyed teaching the classes on Zoom, Pilates is certainly helping me maintain balance for body and mind !

As a thank you to you all for your ongoing commitment to Pilates By Physiotherapy I am offering all current Zoom participants a free session on Zoom each week until the end of this lock down midnight Wednesday 2nd DEC 2020. The offer will end then !! If you would like to book an extra session please drop me a text or email and I will book your session. Numbers will be limited so it will be first come first served booking just one week ahead.....

I'm pleased that we are continuing with all Physiotherapy Treatment this time around in Private Practice and my fingers are crossed the NHS will be able to do the same.

I had a lovely week off last week. Lots of walking with Archie, catching up with people in their gardens and online and I even started some Christmas shopping !! We had a huge tree in our garden cut down..... scary stuff to watch !!

By the end of the week I realised some of the challenges facing people not working during the pandemic. Listening to the news too often, having time to wonder how things are ever going to get back to 'normal', seeing the many jobs around the house that could be done make me appreciate how work brings a huge sense of purpose and perspective to me !!!

I hope you are all keeping well and coping ok with our current crisis. Trying to keep fit and strong at the moment is no easy task and its great to see so many of you keeping your self discipline and routine. Practising Pilates is a great way to keep your balance, flexibility and co-ordination on track and hopefully bring some peace and relaxation to your day too.

I have had lots of comments about the more specific Videos I have been doing so do let me know if you have any other topics in mind. There are now 43 Pilates videos to select from on the web site with lots of short videos as well. In the last month 101 hours of video have been watched by you. So well done everyone!

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Unknown member
Nov 15, 2020

Thanks Anne, hope you are well. what a lovely gesture I would love an extra session please. I am on A/L this week so depending when you are wanting to book them in I am at home all week with exception of Wednesday when I have a family funeral. Archie has grown blimey he looks quite big unless it’s camera view. X Thank you.


Unknown member
Nov 14, 2020

I love the zoom classes and the opportunity to do pilates every other day via the videos. These opportunities have made such a difference. Thank you so much!


Unknown member
Nov 13, 2020

We really liked your recent 'hips' specific video class, Anne - some great stretches which particularly suited Sue and I!

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