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Bon Voyage and Welcome !

Updated: May 5

We bid a fond farewell to Anna this week as she sets off on a journey which we are looking forwards to hearing all about. She is heading off to America, Canada, Japan, Nepal and South East Asia but does plan to return home in a years time ! I hope Pilates will be on her mind as she hikes her way around the world carrying her rucksack and that she will be back to share her adventures with us in the future.


I am delighted to introduce you to Beth, who will be taking the Monday evening classes from 13th May. I worked with Beth at UHND. She has been practicing Pilates herself for several years and has recently completed her Pilates Teacher training with the  APPI so she can combine her Physiotherapy skills and personal experience of the benefits of Pilates to become a skilled member of our team at PilatesbyPhysiotherapy.

I feel very lucky to have gained a new member of staff to our team. When we cover each others classes your feedback is always very positive, ‘we are all similar but different’. Our Physiotherapy background means we thrive on engaging with you all on an individual level. Making the sessions as personalised as we can to each of you keeps us motivated and seeing individuals progress is really what the job is all about. Sharing  my twelve years of Pilates teaching experience with physios new to the role is part of the job that brings me great pleasure. I’m sure we will all benefit from having Beth in the team.


As we move forward with the new 24 plans I am waiting with fingers crossed that the system can cope with nearly all of you automatically renewing today!! Please remember to book your four sessions as soon as you can. It will be a 5 week month for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday classes in May so please do ask if you need a 5th session booking for you. If you are taking holiday in May and plan to miss a week then you will not need the 5th session.  At the moment we will continue not to charge for the 5 th week as it usually balances out when you take holiday and miss some sessions. Don’t forget you have access to the Videos any time that suits you, a second session in the week is very beneficial.  


There are a few changes to the timetable in May so I will publish those changes later today on the homepage of the website. Karen and I are off to see Bruce Springsteen on Wednesday 22nd May so there is no class that night but Rachel is doing an extra class on Thursday 23rd May at 7.15 pm . She is also doing an extra class on Thursday 9th May at 7.15 pm to give people the option to catch up from the Early May bank holiday. These classes are available to everyone so please book up ASAP .


I hope we are seeing an improvement in the weather and you all have a Good Bank holiday weekend



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