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Hello from Rachel (Thurs night / Sat morning)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and coping with the lock down as best as is possible. It’s such a strange situation, I think probably the strangest situation I have experienced. It feels as though we are living in a bubble, only popped when I leave to go to work.

I have to say I’m actually quite enjoying life inside our bubble, the kids seem to have adapted incredibly well to staying home and it’s been really nice spending more time with them. We’ve been very busy doing lots of baking, gardening, arts & crafts. I'm so grateful for our garden as we’ve spent so much time playing outside, lots of obstacle courses, football, tennis, rugby and scavenger hunts, anything to burn off the small people’s energy! We’ve managed to do a little bit of home schooling, although I feel a bit guilty at how little school work we have done, I read somewhere that it was more important that children were happy and enjoying life at home, so I’m definitely going with that theory!

I’m so pleased the weather has been good and let’s keep our fingers crossed it stays that way, I definitely think sunshine has a huge part to play in lifting peoples moods and that’s so important at the moment. I guess it definitely encourages people to get their socially distanced outdoor exercise as well.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Pilates home classes, I’ve found doing some at home really beneficial and in my mind it balances with the extra chocolate I’m requiring! I’ve been doing some online exercise with the kids, and I’m sure lots of you with children will have been doing Joe Wicks PE lessons, I’ve also discovered Cosmic Yoga which the kids love, the photo is of Chloe getting her daily exercise in! Maybe it might inspire a Pilates session!

Well take care everyone, stay safe and hopefully we’ll be back to more traditional Pilates classes in the not too distant future.

Lots of love

Rachel x🌈x

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1 Comment

Anne Burr
Anne Burr
May 16, 2020

Great to hear from you Kay....keep up the posts and the videos.....I can see you dancing to Moya's blog above xx

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