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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

I have just watched an episode of one of my favourite programmes 'Call the midwife'. I did my first placements in women's health physiotherapy at 'The London' and lived in Poplar as a student so I find it all fascinating. I like watching births from different eras and seeing how midwifery has changed. Many women I treat have experienced health care and midwifery from a totally different era and I find it helpful to understand it all and what they have been through.

As a specialist women's health physiotherapist I help women to keep healthy during pregnancy and treat the resulting problems of giving birth like divided abdominal muscles, poor core, prolapses and bladder control issues. I'm glad to say research has evolved and there are new treatments and evidence to guide us since the 1960s when Call the midwife is currently set.

Pilates is an ideal exercise as it targets the muscles that work so hard during pregnancy and birth. I am delighted that we hope to restart or pregnancy Pilates class. You can attend in person in the studio or via zoom so can attend from anywhere in the UK. Our post natal Pilates class has been continuing in a dual style also and it is so special to see new mums attending with their babies. I'm sure I'm seeing some babies copy some great Pilates moves! We advise attending from 10 weeks and we also offer Pilates pre attending assessments if it's new to you. I also offer new mum assessments to check abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and discuss any issues you have. These full check ups have been very helpful and reassuring to many new mums.

I am continuing my women's health physiotherapy sessions for any problems that may require pelvic floor rehabilitation such as prolapses or bladder control issues no matter how long you've had the problem. It's good to know that most women get a good outcome. So if you know anyone who is pregnant or just had a baby do let them know about our Ante and post natal Pilates classes. If you are coping with a pelvic floor problem, no matter how long for, please consider an assessment. I'm looking forward to Call the Midwife as it goes through the decades and hopefully we'll see a physiotherapist and Pilates on it too.

Take Care


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