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Class Update

With lots of swapping and catching up happening with the Bank holidays It has been great to meet so many of our new clients and put faces to names over the past couple of weeks. I hope you are all enjoying Pilates with a Physiotherapist and getting used to managing your plans. Taking on so many experienced Pilates clients has been a real opportunity for us to reflect on how our experience and beliefs as Physiotherapists influences our Pilates teaching. We are all delighted to see how Pilates benefits so many of you and we are always amazed to see how Pilates brings so much to your lives.

Thank you very much to the Monday 11.00 am class for the gorgeous flowers you gave me last week as I step back from teaching the Monday morning classes. It certainly brings a change to Sunday nights when I am not preparing myself for Monday morning!! I enjoyed an early run this Monday and then spent the day catching up on admin, all those jobs I keep putting off!! I hope to get to the garden next week!! I am glad I was teaching the 6.00 pm Zoom class having spent the day infront of the computer, a typical working from home day that many of you do.

Saturday 6th May was International Pilates Day I was too busy watching the Coronation and making Coronation Quiche to sit down and write a blog to remind you all of the dual celebration. So please take a moment now to reflect on what Joseph Pilates brought to the world. His Principles and Methods are still supported by current science and research today. His theories on the importance of movement, his holistic approach to Body and Mind and the benefits of concentration during exercise are all highly valued in current practice of exercise for all ages. Balancing the Body and the Mind is hugely challenging for Instructors and Clients alike. Please do remember that as you settle down on your mat for your Pilates session.

As our classes are filling up I just want to remind you all of some important information which is available on the website on the Coming to Classes page following the link Understanding your plan

1. Please remember your Renewal date so that you know when you have a 5 week month and when its time to book your classes.

2 After your renewal date please book your classes for the whole month so that we can manage the clients on the waiting list as efficiently as possible. Please note spaces not booked 24 hours in advance will be used for clients on the waiting list.

3 Please use the contact button on the website / app to contact us so that all the physios can see the messages so each of us can manage our clients as efficiently as possible

4 Please be aware that if you are on a waiting list you will get confirmation of that 24 hours in advance so please check the email carefully as it will say You’re Booked / See you there but it is referring to the Waiting list not a studio class!! This will happen more often now the classes are fuller.

5 Just to remind everyone, with your plan you pay for 48 classes per year.

6 If you are struggling to find a catch up class please do use the Videos / recorded Zoom classes so that you can get down on your mat at some stage during the week ( a shorter video is well worth the effort to keep up some regular practice) there are currently 126 classes to choose from.

We also celebrated Archie’s 4TH Birthday last week. So much to celebrate no wonder the blogs have been slow in coming!!

Take Care


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