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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Studio Classes opening from 17th May!

Please complete the Questionnaire below to let us know which class you would like to come to live at the Studio or if you would prefer to stay on line for now. You can be reassured we will provide a safe and friendly environment for you to Practice Pilates at the studio.

( if you have already completed this there is no need to submit this again )

We have had a good response to the Questionnaire so far, Live classes are filling up so please let us know ASAP how you would like to continue your Pilates journey as life starts to open up. As we all get used to changing routines we want to continue to provide you all with Pilates Classes to suit your lifestyle. The balance between live and on line is up to you so please get in touch if you have not done so already to let me know your thoughts.

I had my first experience of shopping in Newcastle today. The shop assistants in John Lewis were telling me that footfall is at about 70 % of what it was, a real reflection of our changing times. Returning to Live classes at the studio will hopefully help many of you feel more like your old selves, seeing familiar faces and sharing stories of the past 15 months.

I’m excited to see how life will look in one months time. I am certain the benefits of Pilates will help us all adapt to the twists and turns that lie ahead.

We are looking forwards to seeing you soon

Take Care


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