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Booking Now for Live Classes

I was all set to record next weeks video while I was up at the studio today when I realised I had only 15% charge left on my phone which wouldn't be enough to record the video !! A sign that my phone has been busy today with lots of you booking your live classes. Please do book ASAP if you want to have a go at a live class so that we can judge availability. Live class times are below, things may well change depending on what people want.

Studio Live
Class Times (new)
Monday 9.30am Anne
Monday 4.40pm Anne
Monday 7.30pm Anne
Wednesday 6.00pm Moya
Wednesday 7.30pm Moya
Friday  8.00am Anne
Friday 9.30 am Anne
Friday 11.00 am Anne

I hope all of you involved in getting children back to school have survived. My niece is busy booking her son's after school club space when she gets up in the middle of the night to feed her baby as the spaces only become available one week in advance !! The new way of life !!

I try not to wear my NHS hat and Pilates hat on the same day but I knew this week might be an exception as we try to get ready for the live classes. So after work yesterday I decided to kill two birds with one stone and take Archie on my run with me. Not as calming on the mind as running without him but he did do trips to the river and he actually trots along beside me on his lead really well.I may give him another chance next week.
Thank you to everyone who completed the survey, I hope now your hopes turn into reality and the classes available are a step in the right direction for getting back to Pilates. We can change things so if you want to start in one class and move if others become available that's fine or let me know your preferences if none of the planned classes suit you.

I look forwards to seeing many more of you either on Zoom or live next week.
Have a good weekend
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