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Are you talking to the screen ?

As Rachael B launched her Zoom career with a Pilates class on Wednesday at 6.30 pm this week it was great to have someone to share the Zoom delivery experience with.Like with the videos, it takes a lot of practice to keep talking when nobody is replying!! At least with Zoom we get a thumbs up or down to let us know how you are doing . I think the chatting at the beginning and end of the class is also getting easier too as we all get used to the system.

I was delighted to hear from one gold member last week

" We are absolutely loving the videos. We even talk back to them when it gets hard, which you can't do in class! "

I can now visualise quite a few of you doing the same !!

All five of us met on Zoom last night to catch up and discuss future plans for Pilates By Physiotherapy On line. Coming from a very hands on profession it is quite a challenge thinking outside the box now that there is a screen between us and our clients. Moya is hoping that you are completing the videos.....not just having a quick look !!

I hope you have all enjoyed some sunshine this week. I have certainly found it a tough week and have tried not to get too involved in all the politics going on. Who would have thought Castle Barnard would have made such headlines !!

Every day in A+ E is a learning opportunity .I gave out my first Moon Boot this week (something so basic for anyone working in A+ E but I seem to have avoided it until now) I'm pleased to say fitting a boot is not as complicated as fitting a sling. The doctor even said the patient was walking in the boot better than he expected ......I will take that as a compliment !!

Below is a video Rachel sent me. She is living in Tebay since the start of lockdown and has enjoyed being part of village life. The community got together on VE day and made this video to show the products of their efforts. I love it.

Hope you have a good weekend, stay alert


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