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Advent Calendar is Calling !

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I hope you are enjoying the new layout in the Members Area of the website and are finding it easy to load the Videos. We now have over 40 Pilates By Physiotherapy Videos and over 10 Specialist Videos on the website. Do let us know if you would like anything specific in the Videos eg more Aerobic Challenge / Targeting Specific Joints / Relaxation.

We never imagined we would be making so many videos and I never dreamt so many of you would have such enthusiasm and dedication to Pilates. It’s an enormous positive in my Co-vid Experience to feel the support and commitment from you all. Despite all the suffering and difficulties so many people are facing I feel we are lucky to share the benefits of Pilates. Keeping the regular contact with people on either the Videos or Zoom has real benefits to our Physical and Mental Health.

The number of people with Covid 19 in my life is much higher in this second wave. Speaking to patients on the telephone who either have the Virus or are isolating is now a regular occurrence. Responding to staff absence is a huge task each day but I feel lucky to work in a department where everyone is determined to keep the service going, knowing we have our part to play to try to keep people moving. Going out for that daily walk is much less appealing in this cold weather but is absolutely vital in maintaining our wellbeing……so wrap up well and get out there even if its only for a short walk. Use it or Loose it as I used to tell my mum !!!

As we reach the half way point of our current lockdown I hope everyone is coping and keeping up with Pilates. Many of you have signed up for the free second session on Zoom this week so we had our biggest class ever this morning. I’m pleased to say the TV works brilliantly so I still had a clear view of each and everyone of you. Do get in touch if you would like to do a second session again next week. I think there is something nice about doing the same session twice, knowing what’s coming means you can push yourself on !!

It’s normally such a busy time of year, it’s hard to believe Christmas is coming. I would love our Advent Calendar tradition to survive in our On Line world. The question I am asking this year Is

What Does Pilates Mean to You during Lockdown?

If you can send your replies to me ASAP I will publish one saying each day on the website during advent. Hopefully we might get the Calendar up at the studio but who knows the likelihood of that !!! If you would like to include a photo of your favourite Lockdown View I am happy to include that.

Shirley has made the most of On line Education during lockdown and has completed her APPI Matwork One and APPI Ante Natal and Post Natal courses. Both were very intensive weekends, live on Zoom, moving into ‘break out’ rooms to work in small groups and then feedback to the larger group. Both weekends were very interactive giving Shirley the confidence to see how well we can communicate on Zoom so she hopes to start some Ante Natal and Post Natal Classes on Zoom in the New Year.

I have been doing an evening lecture series with ACPOMIT, Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Orthopaedic Medicine and Injection Therapy. There are so many webinars available to Physios you could spend all your spare time logged in !!! Its cheaper than having to travel and spend nights in hotels which is usually what is involved in attending these things !

Please put on your thinking cap and send in your sayings for the Calendar....they always bring a smile to people's faces!!

Take care


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