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Women's Health Assessment Open

The last two months has been quite a journey, to say the least. Anne, myself and my other colleagues have been changing roles in the NHS and social distancing has become the new norm. I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I do hope the online Pilates has been helping you maintain yourselves physically and it has also been of benefit to calm the mind.

As a women's health physiotherapist I have been particularly thinking about women isolating in pregnancy and new mums who have less access to services currently. We have decided to open up a new service of telephone assessments plus we have an option of using zoom if this is preferred. There is a lot that can be done over the telephone to assess and advise regarding pregnancy back and pelvic pains or other physical queries. Knowing you are doing the right evidence based exercises and advice can also reduce worry.

I have filmed a few short videos just for the ante and post natal group. Knowing which exercises to start for your abdominal muscles after having a baby can also be well advised over the phone. I have really enjoyed giving some support to women who have requested a call.

The rehabilitation of people post covid has also now become a focus as they realise the toll it takes on the body. . We will also put some booklets up on the website to assist anyone with problems. I had just done 3 of my pelvic floor talks before the pandemic and I was delighted they were so well received. I am happy to give any help I can to anyone with problems.

If anyone would like to log an assessment telephone call or zoom with myself, specialist women's health physiotherapy...the service in now open.

Take Care


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