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We Need Your Views and Support

When we closed the studio on Monday 16th March 2020 we had no idea what the next few weeks would hold. In those early days we all worked hard to set up the on line videos hoping to support our Pilates Community in very changing times.

Since full lockdown started I am really pleased that so many of you have continued to feel the benefits of  Pilates and keep in touch.

As patient numbers in the NHS have not been as  high as initially feared, I have been able to continue wearing my Pilates hat for some of the  week. Over the past couple of weeks we have  been able to begin to think about the future of Pilates by Physiotherapy and what we can do now to secure the future of the studio. This has not been an easy task but with all the  positive feedback we have been receiving from so many of you we have come up with some ideas.

As it looks as if  Social Distancing will be  with us for the foreseeable  future, Live on line classes are something I have to get my head around. We tried 2 classes last week  (30 clients in total) and the feedback has been great. I have some more trial  classes arranged for Tuesday.

I would really value your opinion on options for the future so I would be very grateful if you could complete the survey (link above) if you haven't already.

From the feedback so far the online videos in the members area are very popular for many and we intend to continue to add to these. There has also been some interest for live Zoom Classes. I am hoping that a mixture of these two elements will satisfy most clients.

To help us move forwards in our Pilates journey  could you please consider the three points below

1. Have a look at the videos / blog on the website

2. Complete the Survey to help me understand if Pilates by physiotherapy has a future.

3.Get in touch if you would like to try out a live class on zoom.

If you have already completed a survey please DO NOT complete another one!!

Speaking with friends and colleagues who have been treating patients with Covid - 19  I know it could be me or any of my family in those hospital beds which is what makes planning for the future / committing to an activity for 4 weeks quite scary. I'm sure we will have many bumps along the road, physical,technical and emotional !! 

I hope you will bear with us as we strive to keep our and your Pilates alive .

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Hi Anne,

I enjoyed the live class this morning. It was good to have some contact with other members of the class. I am really enjoying the videos too and of course they have the advantage that you can do them at any time. I have found the website a bit difficult to use at times but that could be because the Samsung tablet I use is quite old and maybe not as good as an ipad or similar. The main difficulty I have had is that when I log in the Pilates for Physiotherapy information is taking up so much of the screen that I can hardly see the boxes with the different classes, making it difficult to …


Hi Anne,

Love the videos, happy to try a live class (when not busy zooming my own work at the same time!), will complete the survey, expecting to pay a fee for access to videos etc so that you have an income and Pilates by Physiotherapy is still there for us all when we come out the other side of this. There will be a return to (a new) norm, and I am certain that actual social (and physical) interaction will be a crucial part of this - it's what most humans enjoy and need. So find a way to hang on in there.

Thinking of you & your colleagues. Mary T

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