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Waking up today

Hi,we all wake up this morning to a very different world. I hope you are all following the current guidelines and only going out when absolutely necessary (keeping shopping trips to the absolute minimum) .

People from my classes will know I am not an online communicator so this is a whole new venture that I hope will bring you some support and pleasure !! I am much more a hands on, face to face , individual communicator !! I can't believe it is over a week since our last class, I'm so pleased I chose to teach Pilates last Monday instead of having a day off. I have been teaching Pilates for 7 and a half years now and have learnt from your feedback how valuable the classes are to many of you for so many different reasons. We have a huge variety of clients from front line NHS / teachers / self employed/ small business owners / pregnant ladies / mums with lots of children at home to the elderly isolated on their own.Which is why I have started this blog so that we can continue to have some of the chatter from the classes as part of your online experience. So when you do a class please add something to the blog like you would when you come to the studio....some classes are more chatty than others but I think you all have a sense of belonging and participation.You may even find your class mates here and commit to doing your class at your regular time ?? I may even move to live streaming.....that will depend on what happens when I put my nhs hat on.

There have been 120 of you register onto the classes since 16th March .... I hope quite a few of you have done the class. Thanks for all the emails and texts, I had hoped to answer individually but I will keep contributing here and making the videos in my new at home studio .

Take care and stay at home (other than those who have to go to work)

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