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Twelve Mile Round Trip !

We enjoyed cycling another delivery round yesterday, a bit further this time 12 miles in total (route below). It was lovely to meet so many of you and have a chat which is why it took a bit longer than 1 hr 7 min!!! We had lunch at Beaurepaire a site I have never been to which was great to visit. I'm sure many of you are discovering lovely local routes at the moment.

Face masks are appearing in all sorts of places these days, the above was hanging on a bush on our route !!

Thank you for your orders. I will be up at the studio tomorrow evening between 5.30 pm and 6.15pm .

If you would like to place an order for pick up please do so ASAP.

I am also selling the mats from the studio for £5 (collection only) as hopefully we will have nice new ones when we return to the studio (or government guidelines will say you have to bring your own !!) so if you are struggling at home on the floor please get in touch.

Take care


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 01, 2020

Well done with your cycling deliveries Anne! I see you are selling off the studio mats, and wonder if I could buy one please.? I’ve placed an order for the ball and band, and can easily pick them up together if its possible to do that. Thank you.

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