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Thursday Evening Class is Back !

We have had a very busy start to September with several clients returning to the Live Classes at the studio and New Clients starting their Pilates journey with us. I'm delighted to let you know that Rachel Smith will be back this week initially taking over my Tuesday morning classes and from Thursday September 30th she will be teaching a Live Class in the Studio at 6.30 pm. If you would like to try out a live session with her before signing up to Diamond Plan please get in touch.

Message from Rachel

Hi everyone, I’m excited to be to getting back to the studio and starting classes again, I can’t believe it’s been 18 months. It will be lovely to catch up with familiar faces and meet some new ones too. I’m really looking forward to regular Pilates and all it’s positive benefits for body and mind!

Welcoming Rachel back is a really positive step for me. I hope this might inspire some of you to get back down on your mat with your classmates on a Thursday !

Take Care, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine


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