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Thankyou to everyone who brought in donations for the foodbank. We collected the equivalent of 87 meals and our donations were very gratefully received at the Foodbank collection point in Chester-le -street. It was great to actually see the Christmas hampers being made up and those already prepared stacked up for delivery. The hampers provided essentials as well as some Christmas treats for all.

For those of you coming live to the studio Cafe 22 have a lovely Christmas menu. I suggest you order before your class and it will be ready to pick up on your way home !

As we are not having an evening meal this year due to the current Covid situation some of the morning groups are meeting after class. We will be eating at Cafe 22 on Monday 13th and Friday 17th Dec at 11.40 am so if anyone would like to join us let me know as I will preorder the food ! It's a shame the classes are consecutive so we can't all go straight from the class but all are welcome at the end of the morning !

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

It is the perfect time of year to find a spare half an hour at anytime in your day to do a Pilates Video and restore balance to your Body and Mind!

Take Care

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