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Thanks for your Input

We have had a good response to the Survey. Your feedback and comments have given us the confidence to feel that Pilates By Physiotherapy On line can move forwards now giving us real hope that we will return to the Studio as a viable business.

We hope we will be ready to launch Pilates by Physiotherapy Online Services from Friday 8th May. There will be quite a few changes including the need for everyone to become a member to access the videos and different Membership Plans. Mike has been thinking about on line booking / payment plans for quite a long time but I politely refused to engage in his suggestions until now. I realise with all that is going on, the additional work of 'collecting the slips' and organising payments will just not be practical. So for now we will be trying out the online methods via the website and an App. !!! I am more than happy to take bookings and payment via email and text if you are unable to fathom the website or App. I am hopeful that as so many of you have risen to the challenge of Zoom most of you will overcome any issues the online system throws up.

I have had to really battle with my conscience to take these steps.

Trying to accommodate all your various needs with regards to flexibility of classes / swaps etc has been a large part of the service I strive to provide. Hopefully for now swaps will need to be less and the on line booking will work. We will listen to your comments, so please let me know what you think especially if things don't work for you.

The Survey was anonymous so if anyone wants to email me with their comments so that I can reply that would be great.

I have to say the App works well, our house was filled with panic on Sunday as Mike was working on it ....reassuring me it was not live... only to find someone had joined and paid for their membership!!! We waited with baited breath to see if anyone else arrived but thankfully we were not flooded out !! It was good to know the App works !!

So as we take small steps forward I hope you will continue to enjoy Pilates. We will keep this new system under close review and I really have no idea where we will be with it in a months time .....but that is the way life is in these unprecedented times. It feels exciting to be moving forwards and I hope as many of you as possible will continue on our Pilates journey.

Please complete the survey if you have not done so.

Below is a video I took yesterday of Mike doing what he loves to do .....making noise and dust !! Hopefully our Internet connection will be more stable as a result !!

Keep in touch, Stay at Home and Stay Safe

Anne xxx

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 05, 2020

Will you post to tell us when we can book? Thanks Anne

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