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Thankgoodness for Exceptions

It was a relief to see that formal exercise classes in a covid safe enviroment are exempt from the rule of 6 ! So we can continue our classes of 7 here at the studio.

We have had a good week, welcoming people back to live classes while at the same time seeing lots of you on Zoom as usual. I have tried out all our options live at the studio with Zoom at the same time, Live on its own at the studio, Zoom on its own from the studio and to cover Rachael's holiday I did Zoom from home on Wednesday night. It is reassuring to have so many combinations .....if not confusing for you all.

We had music in the live only sessions and I apologise now that I have not updated my ipod during Covid so its Norah Jones as usual. It felt very strange having music after nearly six months of Pilates with only my own voice to listen to.There are still some spaces left in the live classes so if you would like to try it out please get in touch, remember September live classes are no extra charge as we catch up on the missed classes from March.

As we move into another phase of life in a Pandemic I hope we can find ways of continuing what is good for our health whilst managing the spread of the virus. I have certainly needed the calming benefits of being on the mat this week as we try to meet the needs of as many of you as possible. Do get in touch if you are unsure about what is available.

Thank you all again for your continued support, without you Pilates By Physiotherapy would not be here to deliver Online or Live Classes. Our lives have changed and I'm very proud that so many of you continue to feel the benefits of Pilates. Lets make the most of that in whatever way works for you.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend

Hands,Face, Space !


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Sep 12, 2020

Well done Anne, still doing our video lessons here in Sydney, Alistair and Alison


Unknown member
Sep 11, 2020

Many thanks Anne for keeping us all going and keep smiling. Have a good weekend 🙏

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