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Stepping into Spring.

Lovely to see some hints of spring this week with the snowdrops and crocuses . Thanks to Kay for sharing this photo from one of her walks.

Following the government’s announcement on Monday we hope to be back doing Live Classes at the Studio at the earliest from 17TH May 2021. We hope to start making plans mid / end of April as each stage will only be opened up with one week’s notice. Lots needs to go right to get us to that stage so fingers crossed we will be back live when it’s safe and practical to do so.

There may well need to be a transition phase if numbers are still very limited with social distancing so we will cross each bridge as it comes!! On line has many advantages for us all … for me ...not much cleaning required, no defrosting the car or worrying about airflow and for you no defrosting the car, easy last minute booking and plenty of availability of spaces !!! I am looking forwards to getting back to the studio and over coming the challenges that will bring but for now am pleased to continue online keeping the business alive, keeping in touch with so many of you and keeping us fit.

We will all have our own journey out of Lockdown and I look forwards to sharing the twists and turns with you all. I hope PilatesbyPhysiotherapy will continue to provide a supportive, friendly environment for you increase your fitness levels and maintain balance of mind and body !!

I enjoyed watching this video.....some modified Pilates moves in there.....will we have music back in the studio ??? ( I still haven't updated my ipod !!! that job must be getting to the top of my to do list !)

Hope you all have a good weekend, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe .


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Happy to see the snowdrops standing tall whatever the weather throws at them! Thank you for sharing them in your blog.


Thanks Anne this made me smile especially with the sunshine & having just mastered one of the exercises from last weeks online video after 3 different attempts...never give up 👍😀 jab next week!

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