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Preparing For Live Classes

With over 150 replies to our questionnaire, I feel Pilates By Physiotherapy is emerging from its Lockdown state. With good demand for all the plans, I’m delighted to say that Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, Diamond and Diamond Plus will all be running from 17th May.

There will be no changes on the website until after 10th May 2021 so keep an eye on the blog and your emails for further information about switching plans and booking your live classes. I am preparing for a busy week next week but I am pleased to reassure everyone that the online booking system does work so please don’t be put off purchasing your plan online and booking your classes after 10th May. Any problems do just get in touch.

One of my greatest pleasures about being a Physiotherapist and teaching Pilates is that my day is never boring. Seeing what so many of you gain from practicing Pilates is amazing. Your variety in age and fitness keeps us on our toes. On zoom I can have four different exercises happening on the screen to meet your needs so please don’t worry if you are feeling rusty in your Pilates practice as you return to the studio. As physios, we thrive on the challenge of assessing your level and adapting the exercises to suit you. Don’t worry, we won’t be expecting you to pick up where you left off in March 2020.

Your feedback is always very valuable to us and I would like to share the two stories below.

From Beccy Tuesday 10.45 am class

I will take up pilates again in the future and when I do, I'll come to your studio but for now (at least until August) I'm training 1:1 with a PT twice a week. I have lost 50lbs, I'm really enjoying running again and I'm getting very strong. I just did a PB deadlift of 120kg this week. I have my first (beginner level) strongwoman competition in August!! With my back in tip-top condition, I've also been able to get a motorbike again - something I didn't think would ever be possible - I used lockdown wisely!!

I trained remotely using 1:1 online video instruction from the shed in my garden throughout each lockdown. I borrowed lots of equipment from Gareth Taylor @ Muscle Tone Fitness which was very kind of him, I also bought some new equipment. During that time my husband Colin who is a paraplegic was confined to bed with an illness for 5 months (he is all better now). It was a tough time but in a way, my training was a positive distraction from Covid and Colin's illness. And it all started with Pilates.

I still do my pilates too and without it, I would never have been able to do this strength training.. So THANK YOU very much.

Hi, Ann just thought I’d share my news. I am back on the bike after 5 years. Up to 15 miles. Have been out now for around 2 months gradually building up carefully. 15 miles on Sunday and 10 today. Pain-free!!! I believe it is all thanks to Pilates and your brilliant classes. Message to others not to give up. Keep plodding and you will get there. I never thought I would ever be back riding the bike. Thank you so much. I’m so pleased and happy to be out n about exercising. xx

I hope this feedback makes you smile and keeps you motivated to get down on your mat as life starts to get busier. Keeping strong with Pilates will help you through these strange times

Take Care, Stay Safe


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Inspirational lock down stories. Thank you for sharing and encouraging others like myself to keep up fitness routines.

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