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Pilates Relaxes The Mind !

I’m not really sure how to start this week’s blog as I take in the latest government announcement. Having had a week to absorb the idea of removing all restrictions, listening to clients being ‘pinged’ by track and trace and hear of more children isolating and testing positive it’s easy to feel completely bewildered by the impact of Covid 19 on our lives. I’m pleased so many of you are continuing your Pilates routine both Live and on Zoom. I hope September will bring more settled times and more of you will feel safe to return to the Studio so we can cast a closer eye on your Pilates technique!!

As we all decide how we are going to live our lives over the next few weeks and months, working out which ‘normal’ everyday activities we will and won’t do can feel extraordinarily complicated.

I hope everyone will continue to find time for Pilates as the benefits of exercise for both the mind and body are helping many of us cope with life in these uncertain times.

While Infection numbers are so high in Durham, Rachael, Josie and I have agreed to continue with the routines we have for the live classes. Clients coming to the live classes are giving us very positive feedback which is a great support for us all. They are telling us they feel safe with the spacing in the studio and ventilation (we are all learning how the Carbon dioxide level changes with very slight changes to how wide the windows are open!). We hope to start moving around the studio and use equipment as soon as infection numbers in Durham reduce. Wiping down of the large balls and magic circles will become part of our routines ASAP !! The chatter and support amongst clients is really nice to hear…. As you would expect football, tennis and holidays are popular topics at the moment. Being able to see people in the flesh makes queuing to correct technique so much easier.

I feel very lucky to have both Live and Zoom sessions running. Many people affected by Isolation are using zoom which has really helped them maintain mobility and flexibility. It has been shocking to hear how people have felt such a loss in their fitness when they return to the studio after 7 -10 days of being confined to the house and garden. We must all keep up our daily walk when we can and walk as briskly as we can !!

We spent a lovely few days in Northumberland at the beginning of July. We walked 8 -10 miles most days, Archie must have done almost double as he was rarely on his lead !! He slept in his cage in our bedroom which worked out amazingly well !! Lucky used to spend a lot of the night washing himself …..Archie slept from 8.00 pm to 8.00 am. He’s not so good at sitting beside the table in a pub …he definitely needs more practice at that!!

Thank you for your ongoing support. All the Physios at PilatesByPhysiotherapy Live and Online will continue to adapt to provide a safe environment for everyone to continue their Pilates journey.

Take Care


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