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Pilates Relaxes the Brain !

I hope all of you on half term holiday this week have enjoyed some respite with a change in routine. I’m sure you enjoyed Pancake day … made a pleasant change not to be teaching Pilates on a Tuesday evening and to be able to enjoy Pancakes at Tea time !!

I have avoided listening to the news this week and have kept focused on the present as we wait to hear the plan for coming out of Lockdown. As more of you receive the Vaccine I hope we are heading in the right direction. What our lives will look like I have no idea and I find it much easier to concentrate on what is in front of me than look ahead. Several of you have parents who have gone into nursing homes over the past 6 months. The isolation of living alone in Lockdown has made life just too difficult for many so I hope Pilates has helped cheer you up, provide some relaxation and given you a bit of "me time".

I have enjoyed working with the Physio student this week, in fact it was just the two of us in the department yesterday afternoon. As we start to see patients who have been suffering since the start of Autumn with various aches and pains the challenge of getting people moving again after being locked away for so long is looming up in front of us. Colleagues starting their careers at this time will certainly face new challenges. I hope as physios we will have the compassion and understanding to listen to our patients and help them find ways to rebuild their health and fitness after what they have experienced throughout the pandemic. We have all adapted to different ways of working over the past year and will need to continue to do this for the foreseeable future.

Seeing how so many of you have kept practising Pilates is very uplifting for me. Both the live Zoom classes and on demand video sessions have kept their popularity throughout this lockdown so I thank you all for your ongoing efforts.

Lets hope we will all be back in the studio at some stage but for now lets enjoy what we are doing and keep working hard in our sessions !

Take Care


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Thank you Anne, I am always encouraged by your blog, not just the Pilates but your thoughts,calm and advice on staying in the present.


Anne - Mary and I have surprised ourselves in doing Pilates three times a week using your videos for the last year and we do look forward to resuming live classes - thanks - Mary and Tom


Unknown member
Feb 19, 2021

Thanks Anne. Positive and upbeat as always

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