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Pilates Relaxes the Brain !

We have had a good response to our 3 new classes this week. Shirley enjoyed teaching her first Ante natal class on Zoom. It was great to see two previous clients back at Pilates expecting their second babies as well as welcoming new clients to our on line community.

We had great fun in the large Ball class first thing on Friday morning. I’m glad I know you all so well as including a large ball in the session was quite a challenge to all involved. Before the class started I warned everyone of the safety issues involved, making sure everyone had plenty of space around them at home as teaching the Ball classes in the studio usually raises my blood pressure. Thankfully today’s class had everyone smiling !!

If you would like to try a second class each week or move about class to try something different do get in touch.

It has been another hectic week as we were asked in the NHS to complete our Vaccinator training by Wednesday (no rush !!). With a huge effort from everyone we have at least ten staff heading out on Monday morning to help with Vaccinating those who are housebound. That leaves very few of us treating patients but as priorities change it’s great to be able to adapt our skills to be used in the most beneficial way. Rachel and I were on our own in the department on Thursday. It was lovely to have her company as we both focussed on the job in hand of treating whichever patients were booked in our diaries!! I won’t be working from home over the next few weeks and will be kept busy seeing patients face to face. Every cloud has a silver lining as I much prefer face to face consultations than telephone consultations!!

This was one of Archie's christmas presents didn't last past the day !!

I hope you are all keeping well, staying safe at home and making the most of your online Pilates.

Take Care


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