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Pilates On Demand Like Phoning a Friend !

We recorded our 60th Pilates Video this week and it reminded me of the lovely comment we received for the Advent Calendar back in December Pilates on demand Its like calling up a friend when needed and feeling much better after having completed a class!

I have been slow to take on the Pilates on demand description ……calling them videos is so old fashioned !!

I understand the challenges I have faced through work are very different to the challenges those of you at home full time are facing particularly if you live alone. My weeks

fly by so fast before I know where I am its Friday again and time to write the blog. However for many of you the days are long. Your motivation to keep going with Pilates inspires me to keep working hard to provide high quality sessions to keep you strong and flexible in these tough times. Bringing variety to the sessions keeps me on my toes as does joining in all 5 sessions on Zoom!

I certainly feel better having spent time on my mat either on Zoom or making an on demand session. I’m very pleased so many of you feel the same. The need to continue stretching, strengthening and challenging our balance remains a priority as we pick up the pace in our lives as the covid 19 restrictions diminish. I hope we won’t need to make another 60 videos but needless to say we will keep adapting our ways in this on line life to keep PilatesByPhysiotherapy alive!!

Mike and I have put huge efforts into training Archie over the past two months. He is now 22 months and challenging his boundaries to the limit !! I am pleased to say so far so good. I really miss going out for a walk to clear my mind and daydream the route away. Every walk is now a training opportunity with focus from me as well as Archie !! His recall is now reliable so we have moved on to adding the distraction of meeting people …..plenty of work to be done here!! Like us all he is suffering from not having visitors to the house and is so pleased to see anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest in him. He had his first swim of the year in the river this morning so progress is being made !!

I hope all those of you who have children going back to school this week have had a good week. Lateral flow testing has become part of my routine and I’m sure it will for your families too. I am just about to finish my first box of kits, second box waiting to be opened.

As we continue to head into such uncertainty I feel positive that PilatesbyPhysiotherapy has come this far with your commitment and support that we will continue our journey together into better days. For me Time Scales are not a priority now. Reaching our destination of being back live in the studio is important to us all. We need lots of patience and understanding along the way!

I hope you all have a good weekend, enjoy some sunshine and stay safe


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