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Pilates - My bit of Me Time

I am delighted to say that we have all had a brilliant time welcoming clients back to the Live classes.

Seeing everyone, hearing what they have been doing for the past fifteen months and sharing where they are up to now has made for some chatty classes! After this gentle introduction back to the studio I’m sure the hard work will start next week!!

I think part of my coping mechanism during the pandemic has been to reduce my desire for socialization. Having had great support from my NHS friends and colleagues, family and friends, my mind has felt fully occupied. It is great now to find the headspace for getting back to traveling out to work and all the interactions teaching Live Pilates brings. I have certainly found a spring in my step this week. I will always cherish sharing this “opening up” with so many of you.

As we all continue to make sense of the current phase of the Pandemic I am pleased PilatesByPhysiotherapy is continuing both Live and Online. Hearing of local studios and other businesses not reopening I thank you all for your continued support.

When the scaffolders arrived to put scaffolding up on the building next door on Friday morning the 9.30 am class felt like we were working in a building site! Thankfully they were finished by 10.15 am so peace was restored.

I have had lots of positive feedback on how pleased people are that I have not had time to add to my music collection!! The familiarity of Tracey Chapman etc has brought real comfort to many this week!! Maybe now I’m not dashing off to UHND I will have time to update the ipod !!

Here are some of the comments Clients back at the studio have shared with me

I can’t imagine how you could make the class more Covid safe. We were well distanced with the markings for our mats. It was so good to be back in the studio- though I ached the next day as I probably worked harder than on Zoom seeing as you’d have been able to spot if I was resting!

It was great to be back, much better face to face. Enjoyed the class with Josie today and it was nice to see a couple of familiar faces. Feel we are getting a little bit of normality back in our lives,

I must admit I panicked a bit after I had signed up to live classes and wished I hadn't done so. But now I would say to anyone who is apprehensive "Do it" because everything about the studio is entirely Covid safe and it was really enjoyable to be back live.

Thoroughly enjoyed actually being back In the class and feeling part of the real world again!

Absolutely loved being back in the studio, a few of us were saying how excited we were. It makes such a difference to do the class 'live' and not just looking at a screen. Social interaction with others in 'real life' is so important to mental health and I would encourage everyone to return to the studio. Can't think of anything to improve the class, I felt perfectly safe as all precautions were taken with social distancing and sanitisation! I had no concerns whatsoever in returning to live classes.

Take Care, Stay Safe


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