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Pilates gives Focus

I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief to get to the end of this week and really enjoyed seeing so many of you in the the Zoom class this morning. To see the sparkling lights of your Christmas trees around you is a great way to lift the spirits.

Our roller coaster ride is certainly not easing up as we approach Christmas. I have limited myself to watching one news programme each day as I find the ifs and maybes of the week are overwhelming. Posting the advent calendar each day has certainly calmed my mind and brought a smile to my face. I hope you have gained some pleasure from reading it too.

I didn’t know so much could happen in one week. The week started well as I took a step into Mike’s workshop to learn some wood working skills. Since he has absorbed himself so well in my passionate subject, Pilates this year I felt I could use the excuse of having to make my secret santa present this year, to venture into the workshop!!! I’m pleased to say I emerged several hours later with all my fingers, a chopping board as my gift from secret santa and a wooden bauble for the Christmas bauble competition. I have to say both items were a joint effort but I hope to return to improve my skills in the New Year!!

The creative skills of my colleagues at CDDFT were quite outstanding !! I’m sure we will all remember Christmas in the year of Covid as one of the best for secret santa gifts. The effort put into both the homemade secret santa gifts and homemade Christmas Bauble competition brought a smile to everyone’s face even on Teams!!

The following day brought the sad news of the death of Stefan and Dan’s grandad. He had been in a home in Wales for several years. Having got this far we hoped he would be kept safe from the Pandemic. Sadly he tested positive for Covid 19 and was unable to fight off this horrible disease. I feel the inability of being able to be with your family at moments like this is one of the toughest aspects of the Pandemic. I remember sitting with my mum for several nights, many years ago as her life came to an end in the RVI in Newcastle. Talking about my childhood summer holidays, swimming in the Irish Sea no matter what the weather (I was often glad to see the lifeguard put up the red flag so we couldn’t go in!!) because it might not be North Sea temperatures but it was cold !! Not to have the opportunity to make those memories is a huge burden of our current times for all those who have lost loved ones since March. My thoughts are with you all.

Yesterday we got the pick you up news that Mike’s mum gets her first dose of the Vaccine today. Quite an incredible thought that this thing we have been listening to on the news has made it’s way to her local GP surgery here in Durham. Her appointment is at 7.40 pm so I thank all the staff that are working into the evening to help bring all our suffering to an end.

Well the tree is up, the cake is iced and the wine is in the fridge So with one week to go I do feel Christmas, in its different form, is on its way. Only a few presents to wrap this year as its still not decided in our house exactly who is coming home….. Santa could have a problem this year and presents be in the wrong place …. We’ve got good at rolling with the blows so I’m sure they will reach their correct destination at some point !!

I hope you are all ok, keeping up with the Advent Calendar and hoping for a safe and peaceful Christmas.

Take care, Stay Safe


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