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Pilates A Healthier Mind and Body. The Ability to push the Boundaries !!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to the paid plans. I hope you are enjoying the Videos and Zoom classes. Many of you we are now in the fourth week of your plan so the time is approaching for your plan to renew.

Gold members who paid via the App or website should have a smooth transition into the next month as your plan will renew automatically after one calendar month. You can cancel your membership on the App or website or if you wish to suspend it just get in touch.

Platinum members, if you have booked and paid for your plan on line it will renew automatically after one calendar month. Ie plan started on 10th May renew date 10th June. ie your are paying for 4 x 12 = 48 classes per year. If your class lands on the 5th week of the month you will not be able to book it yourself on line. If you contact me I will book it for you. I will keep a record of those sessions. If you want more than 4 weeks holiday per year I can suspend your membership so you won't be charged just let me know in advance.

Anyone who paid for either plan directly into my bank account will need to get in touch to confirm they want to continue as I will need to renew your membership. If you want to pay by monthly direct debit to avoid the need to get in touch just let me know.

It has taken me an enormous amount of brain power to get my head around this but I feel it should work for everyone. Having thought and talked about it for so many hours I now understand it so if its blowing your mind don't worry ........I don't expect you to put in 50 hrs + to understand it just pick up the phone and call me !!

Hopefully as your renewal comes up and you go through the process it will become clearer to you too !! (some of you have a few weeks to wait for this ) Life in Lockdown is certainly pushing boundaries none of us could ever have imagined !!

On a lighter note Archie continues to keep us entertained, now not only getting out of the garden through holes in the fence he can jump over it !!! No easy solution to that one.

I am having a week off the NHS this week so am looking forward to some rest and relaxation .......

Take care and keep in touch

Anne xx

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