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One Year On !

It was one year ago this week that we brought Archie home. There have been moments when I wondered why on earth did we decide to get a puppy but I'm very pleased now that we did !!

I remember a few friends looking at me in utter amazement when I told them we were getting a puppy....'.Why on earth would you want that commitment now that you are child free' was a conversation I had several times!!!

We had been a dog and child free house for over a year when Archie arrived . I really missed the dog walks, despite promising myself that I would go for a walk the days I wasn't running I often seemed to fill my time with other things !!

Archie's predecessor Lucky had been a very special character. He was my first dog and had joined our newly formed family a short time after we had all moved in together. I often wished he could talk, especially in later years when he was left with the young adults when we went away on holiday !!! Each of us had our own relationship with him and it was fascinating to watch the relationships develop over the years. Lucky never chased a ball or swam.He was a laid back character so when our hunt for a puppy began a dog that would swim and chase a ball were my main criteria !!

Archie certainly fits the bill although I realise now dogs that swim and chase balls also like to play lots. Growing up in a house with two boring adults is tough compared to Lucky who was part of a pack of six humans !! I hadn't remembered much of Lucky's young life but I suppose I didn't have to play with him too often with 4 young children n the house !!

Archie's appetite for playing, surfing the work surfaces and stealing things he knows he shouldn't have has been consistent. Training him has required enormous mental effort but I think we are now seeing the rewards. I still can't put the washing basket on the ground but he does drop things a lot sooner than he used to !!

I have really enjoyed having more time to spend with him at home during lockdown. We have been able to remove the stair gate and he sits patiently in the hall while we are upstairs doing Zoom ...quite amazing!!

Rachel took this video at Burn Hall Woods on Saturday. Archie has started diving down into the water to retrieve the stone, I have to say we all got a fright when twice he stayed under the water just a few seconds longer than we would have liked !!

Just to remind Platinum members please make a note of your renewal date and do get in touch if it's a 5 week month for you and I will add the extra session.

Take care


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Neznámý člen
06. 7. 2020

Hi Anne I can't believe it is a year since you got Archie. He looks as though he is full of life with endless energy. You definitely got your wish for an active dog! Having animals is tying but the reward we get from their companionship is worth so much more than this. Someone once said to me that a house is only a home when you have a pet. While my two cats often disrupt my working day and add a few extra letters to emails than I wanted or even intended, I wouldn't be without them!

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