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On Demand One Hundred Times !

I hope you have all had a Happy and Healthy festive Season.

All the Live and On line Classes were busy last week so its great to see so many of you starting the new year with some exercise.

Sadly our house did not escape Covid 19 but I’m pleased to say we haven’t been too unwell and I am pleased to be back live in the studio this week. Thank you to those of you who rearranged your live session or used zoom to catch up the classes I needed to cancel. Your flexibility and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Archie had a great time enjoying the mild weather at Tynemouth beach .

Amazingly we have released Video ONE HUNDRED today. How life has changed since Video One and I am so pleased so many of you have kept Pilates in your life. We have all worked hard to keep Pilates By Physiotherapy moving forwards in these changing times and it has been a real pleasure to share this experience with you all. It has been fantastic to see so many of you adapt to the On line world. We have shared many frustrations and smiles along the way. Who would have thought Pilates could teach us so much about renewal dates / on line booking / card payments ect !! All of us Physios hope we will soon be able to get off our mats again and get back to our hands on feedback as that is where our real love of Pilates lies. Working closely with each and everyone of you is what makes Pilates work for us all.

Sadly Rachael Bullock has decided to step back from teaching Pilates. Her new job as an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner and studying for her masters in Advanced Physiotherapy Practice means her life is just too busy at the moment.

I hope Rachael will return sometime in the future. I have valued Rachael’s support very much since the start of the pandemic. Together we stepped into the unknown world of Zoom in May 2019 and to this day neither of us enjoy watching ourselves on line!! Rachael attended Pilates for many years before starting her training as a Physio and then her Pilates training and I have really enjoyed sharing her journey.

I’m hoping to find a new Pilates teacher for you to get to know and in the meantime I will cover Rachael’s classes. This may mean some changes to the timetable for Zoom and Live classes so please keep an eye on your emails to keep up to date. Also please book your live and online classes well in advance as there is lots of swapping / catching up going on and it makes things much easier for me if I know who is expected in each class well in advance. You can cancel your class up to one hour before the session starts.

Message from Rachael

It has only taken me 22 months to get round to writing something for the blog! And sadly it will be my last entry for now as well. Due to increased commitments at work, and entering the final year of an MSc, I have decided to step-back from teaching Pilates for a little while, to afford myself a bit more down time. It was a tough decision to make, as I know I will really miss teaching you all and seeing your friendly faces on a weekly basis, which has always been a pleasure. Especially during the lockdowns, I really appreciated the familiarity of seeing many of you on Zoom! I hope to use some of my extra down time to learn some new Pilates exercises, ready for a hopeful return to taking classes in the future! I may see some of you every now and then for the odd cover session when other staff are off. But for now, best wishes to you all for 2022!

Take Care


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Jane Hedges
Jane Hedges
11 ene 2022

Thank you for all the great classes Rachael. We‘ll miss you. All the best with your new role and the MSc x

Me gusta
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