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New Live Class Saturday Morning !

Two pieces of good news this week.

Firstly Josie is starting a second Live Class on a Saturday morning from 4th December. The new class times on a Saturday will be 8.30 am and 9.40 am. I hope this will mean people can get catch ups if they miss their session during the week and encourage some of you early birds back to live classes!

Secondly New Infection Prevention and Control Guidance means we do not have to wear aprons and gloves when treating patients unless a specific risk is identified! To get back to skin to skin contact will be a real step forwards. All the other measures screening / masks / 2 m distance / cleaning stay in place but not to have a bin full of aprons and gloves at the end of the day will be a bonus!

Thank you to so many of you for bringing in donations for the foodbank this week. Donations are still welcome up to and including Wednesday 1st Dec.

I attended the APPI Virtual conference last weekend. It has brought a real spring back into my step… as I think some of you noticed this week with a gluts sequence to challenge the best of you! Sharing new ideas is always very refreshing even if it was online. The importance of hands on feedback was discussed and encouraged and I feel we are all moving around the studio more confidently now whilst maintaining safe practices with regular hand sanitizing and mask wearing. I’m looking forwards to sharing a few more new ideas over the coming weeks.

As we approach Christmas please do keep up with your Pilates. When life becomes more hectic and stressful the benefits of Pilates can be felt to reduce tension and general stiffness. If you can’t make your usual session try to find even 30 minutes to get your mat out and complete an On Demand session….I’m sure you will feel better afterwards.

I hope you all have a good weekend and journeys are not too interrupted by this blast of winter weather. I think it might be the end of the season for my Cosmos !

Take Care


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 29, 2021

The cosmos look very pretty. I won't make it to the studio to drop off food donations but County Hall are also collecting so I will drop off my donations there when I am in the office tomorrow.

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