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New Class - New Plan !!

As we all continue to move forwards Pilates By Physiotherapy is thriving as we adapt to the new world around us.

With lots of new clients signing up in September it has been great getting our hands on to correct people’s technique during the Introductory Assessment (Physio wearing apron / mask and gloves). This really helps people understand the aims of Pilates to get the best out of themselves during the classes.

We are all becoming more confident in the covid measures we have in place so are moving around the room a lot more and I hope hands on feedback will start soon in the Live Classes.

Several Clients are wanting to come to two Live sessions per week so we have started a new RUBY PLAN which means for £72 per calendar month you can come to two live classes per week as well as have access to all the On Demand sessions and Zoom when needed. Do let me know if you would like to move to RUBY Plan.

It was great to see people using Zoom while away from home this week. As we all try to make the most of what life has to offer at the moment it is very satisfying that clients want to continue with their work on the mat even when they are away from home. With many clients enjoying the flexibility of Zoom I feel it is likely we will continue to use it for the foreseeable future.

Shirley is excited to start a new Session of Post Natal Pilates classes welcoming new mums and babies to her classes. Due to the success of the mixed Live / Zoom Ante natal class she is going to do the Post Natal Class on Zoom and Live in the studio at the same time….a brave new world which Shirley is embracing with great enthusiasm. I know a few of you have become grand parents over the summer so if you would like to share your Pilates experience with the newborns in your family do get in touch and they can try a session on Zoom with their mum….I can’t wait to get the feedback !! Please do spread the word about both of Shirley’s Pilates Classes as feedback is very positive and we know everyone involved has found the classes to be invaluable especially in these strange times.

On a lighter note I’m pleased to report that Archie has learnt a new skill this summer. He always enjoys eating the apples in our garden and usually satisfies himself with windfalls. This year he has progressed to picking the apples off the tree…the short video is very brief proof !!

I hope you are all keeping well, enjoying your Pilates and feeling the benefit of spending time on your mat.

Take Care


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You're going to run out of substances for your plan names soon, Anne!

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