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Let's Keep Going !

What a start to the New Year! I hope you all found some joy in the festive season even if it was much quieter than your usual celebrations.

We have set up TW0 new classes on Zoom to provide you with some variety during this current Lockdown. I am doing an equipment class on a Friday at 8.30 am and Rachael B is doing Hi Pilates ( a quicker paced class for the more experienced of you) on a Saturday at 8.30 am. I hope these will provide some extra motivation for those of you that feel you need a gentle reminder to get going again after a period of overindulgence. I hope the Saturday morning class will help out those of you now busy with home schooling. Do remember one of the huge advantages of our current on line Pilates life is that you can easily move around classes, booking and cancelling up to 30 mins before the class to help you fit in a class at these unpredictable times.

In the equipment class I hope to use the Large Ball, D roll, Weights, Theraband and even maybe magic circles…..depending what you would like !! Remember the new Platinum Plus plan gives you 8 classes per calendar month for £48, it's a good way to keep occupied and look after your physical and Mental Health in these tough times. Do get in touch if you have any queries. Details of which equipment we will use will be on the website over the weekend.

It was a real treat not having to go out in the snow this morning and not to have to get up to the studio early to clear the car park and paths. Working from home has some advantages !!

The NHS is certainly facing massive challenges now. As the number of sick patients being admitted rises at a rapid rate I urge you all of you who can to stay at Home and Stay Safe. In my work we are only now beginning to see the problems created last Spring when people didn’t get rehab following fractures and surgery and are now presenting themselves with very stiff, painful limbs. I found myself back in the gym this week as over half our Out Patient Staff have been redeployed to the wards. It has been nice to take a moment and reflect on the Gyms I have worked in as a Physiotherapist.

The last time I worked in the Gym was in Adelaide , South Australia when us physios had to wear our navy culottes and navy sandals !!! Bare legs and open toes allowed but absolutely no tracksuits !! We also had access to a great swimming pool so patients would spend the morning with us and get a drink and biscuit to keep them going!! I had a great grounding in Gym work when I was a student working on a placement at the Hermitage Rehab Centre. The day started with the warm up class on the Gym horse, followed by pool sessions and I have fond memories of the stair class after lunch . The building had a huge entrance hall and grand stair case (that’s how I remember it!) so you needed lots of imagination to vary the exercises each day ! We are now working in the gym on a one to one basis due to covid social distancing and cleaning protocols. The loss of the camaradarie and support patients usually get from each other working in a group situation is palpable but I think we have all got used to working in a much quieter enviroment. Fingers crossed we will be able to continue this work over the next few weeks which will really depend on what happens to the staff on the wards and the numbers of patients that need to be cared for.

The highlight of my week has been to receive the Vaccine. It was quite a serene experience, everyone moving calmly and efficiently around the room, not the usual chatter you would expect from a room full of people. As I waited 15 minutes afterwards to monitor for anaphylaxis I realised that was probably the most peaceful time of most people’s day!! I hope the vaccine programme will be successful in restoring some fundamental activities to our lives. Children going to School and doing my job face to face are two things I could not have imagined would be taken away from my life. I feel very lucky not to have school age children at this moment in time. Mike and I do wonder how each of ours would have reacted to not going to school !!

I hope our on line Pilates is bringing pleasure to many lives, keeping our bodies moving and our minds alert. We are so lucky to have something that can be shared on line. I’m very proud that so many of you have signed up to Gold and Platinum Membership and I hope you will keep up your efforts for the foreseeable future.

Stay at Home and Stay Safe


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