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How are you getting on with the Video Classes?

Welcome. Is it only a week since we suspended classes. Thanks for all the emails and Texts encouraging me to keep the classes going! keep the comments coming. I hope it will help if we share how we are all getting on in this surreal new world . We are Learning quickly!and have made some improvements. I am sure you will see the difference in sound quality in the classes from Class 3 on. We are really becoming Youtube ready!!! Mike has added a wireless mic to improve the sound. Hope you hear the difference.

Lets Share.......

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Pam Jameson
Pam Jameson
07 de abr. de 2020

Hi Anne, I've finally tuned in and it's nice to hear you again. I haven't been doing much exercise at all and it's telling on me. I haven't wanted I walk out with the dogs so have just been doing some agility training with them and playing with them in the garden but have been stiffening up terribly. An exercise trainer who I met through agility has been doing some lovely meditation/hypnotherapy live sessions on facebook which I've enjoyed and started some Live exercise sessions too. I've watched a few which were wrong for me, HIIT, kettlebells etc but she's also had a couple of "pilates based" sessions - today's was a cross between yoga, pilates and contortionism! I…

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