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Hoping for a Windy Winter !

I spotted the first frost of the season this week down by the river. We have been very lucky to have such a mild October so I am preparing myself now for a stark change in temperature!

I have learnt a lot over the past month. It’s amazing how little the windows in the studio have to be open to maintain good airflow when its windy outside! Several clients doing their Pilates on Zoom have expressed concern about how they would stay warm enough in the studio. I am pleased to report so far so good as with the CO2 monitor we can carefully reduce how much the windows are open but still maintain a safe environment with good airflow. I’m sure this will become more of a challenge as the temperatures drop but I am confident we won’t be cold!

As many of you know I had a household member test positive for Covid 19 a couple of weeks ago. I would like to thank everyone for their understanding and flexibility as we navigated our way through the experience. Thankfully everyone is well and back to normal now. It was really helpful to be able to offer Zoom and On demand to those who did not want to attend live during this time. Daily Lateral Flow testing is a real challenge but I am thankful the Vaccine and Testing systems meant I could continue to work. People’s willingness to use the on line options when there is a problem with live classes is really essential as we head towards a winter of uncertainty. Several clients have tried zoom for the first time and have been pleasantly surprised and feel it certainly is a good option when life gets complicated and getting to the studio is not an option.

I know several of you have faced having covid or living with someone who is isolating in recent weeks and the value of the online sessions cannot be underestimated. We really are moving in different times and adapting our lives to keep up with the things we enjoy is essential. I am very pleased so many of you are finding different ways to continue to feel the benefits of Pilates and make the most of your subscription.

I am off on holiday next week and Rachel Smith is kindly taking over as administrator. She will do her best to keep up with queries. The On line booking / Plans etc have been a steep learning curve since she came back in September but Rachel has taken it all in her stride and is really enjoying meeting up with everyone again.

I hope everyone is keeping well and Taking Care


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Неизвестный пользователь
04 нояб. 2021 г.

I hope you enjoy your holiday next week Anne. You deserve a rest.😊

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