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Hello from Shirley

Like Anne, I am working in the NHS getting ready to work in areas I haven't worked in for many years however it's amazing what comes back. My training in London did prepare me well. Plus we have had a day of so many different thoughts, training from the respiratory and trauma teams, enjoying seeing our great colleagues, feeling proud of how well the NHS is preparing but also the same concerns as all the public.  I am thinking lots about all my clients, I hope those who are pregnant are doing well, getting good care still. Plus my congratulations to anyone who has just had their baby. I'm sure you can't wait for the time when you can show off your gorgeous new little one. There are booklets on on exercise for pregnancy and for after birth, with lots of advice for the early weeks. I'm thinking of you all. I was hoping to get to the studio to make some videos but didn't make it before the shutdown as I was in isolation myself, however, I hope you enjoy the relaxation video, obviously made from home! I really think we all need a bit more relaxation just now. It can have a real calming effect. I hope you find it useful. I still hope to make some short videos from home if I can get my technology to work for bigger files.  For anyone who came to the pelvic floor talks or saw me individually as a women's health physiotherapist, if you get bored indoors don't forget those pelvic floor exercises.  I am aware this will be such a challenging time for so many, I do hope you all have the support and some distractions.   I hope maybe that my ante and postnatal groups will have a go at the exercises that you remember as your favourite, maybe the lovely ballet squats as a warm-up, pelvic tilting on your hands and knees and raising an alternate arm or leg. If you don't have a ball at home to make lovely big circles with, you can try sitting on a chair, belly button to spine and gently lifting one leg. Remember to focus and use control...and breathe. Plus if you look at Anne's video's you will see the side-lying clams. But of course, take care and stay safe.  Shirley x

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