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Happy to start February !!

Like everyone I am pleased to see the end of January and am looking forwards to the lighter days of February and the start of spring.

Seeing so many of you on Zoom has been a real highlight of my year so far. Keeping up positive connections is so valuable as we continue to live very isolated lives compared to normal. The benefits of hairdressers scissors compared to normal scissors, the challenges of home schooling, the lack of diets this January and the Vaccine roll out have been some of our hot topics this week !!

Over 15 people have signed up to Platinum Plus Plan and are making the most of being able to move about classes so easily on Zoom. It’s great to see so many of you keeping your motivation and working hard in Pilates to maintain and improve your strength, flexibility and balance. Thank you .

This short article has some good tips to keep you moving while spending so much time indoors.

I enjoyed a week off last week. Taking a breather from work was a real treat. Mike and I focussed our minds on Archie training. He is now 20 months old and has certainly found a taste for freedom. He is back on his long training line, responding well to the whistle and hopefully making progress. Training sessions are certainly not as relaxing as a long walk but hopefully the reward will be worth it !!

As my colleagues in the NHS continue delivering Vaccinations or are redeployed to the wards those of us left are holding the fort in the Physio Department. I have been working with a second year Physio student this week which has been a harsh reminder of how much has changed over the past 10 months. Providing them with a good quality learning experience is a real challenge. My brain has become finely tuned at identifying the problem and doing my best to sort it. Adapting to new ways of working at such a rapid pace certainly keeps me on my toes !! Education for all has seen such changes. My great nephew was delighted to be at home to take full advantage of the early morning snow on Tuesday but back to ‘class’ soon enough !!!

I hope you are all keeping well. I have been reminded this week of how lucky I am that my work keeps me in touch with so many different people. Sharing our experiences of life in a pandemic certainly helps make my day and I hope brings some health and happiness to yours

Stay Safe


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