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Happy First Birthday!

It is a year ago today that we launched our first Pilates By Physiotherapy Online Zoom Class. What an incredible year we have all had. The ups and downs and t

wists and turns have been extraordinary.

Keeping Pilates By Physiotherapy alive has been a massive and highly rewarding challenge. Seeing so many of you on Zoom every week has kept me motivated and knowing that so many are using the On-Demand sessions is truly amazing.

As we now face the next challenge of opening up the studio I am excited to be working in a business that is going to provide Live, Zoom and On-demand sessions …..who would have expected that !!

It’s great to be working in such a positive environment and everyone’s enthusiasm for Pilates inspires me to keep moving forwards in these unchartered waters. The success of the online booking system has brought me great comfort this year. I know it is different from how things used to be and it will take people time to get used to it but please be reassured we are here to help and will work it out with you if you are stuck !!

Josie filmed her first video this week so I hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed listening to her!

I am expecting a busy week as we launch the new Diamond and Diamond Plus plans and hope to welcome more than 70 clients back to the studio. As life opens up over the summer I hope more of you will return to our lovely space.

Take Care


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