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Happy Easter

From all of us at the studio we wish you a happy and peaceful Easter.

As we move further into lockdown I realise how each of us has a story to tell and how I am missing hearing the little snippets of your lives that we would pick up on in class. Thank you to all who are texting and sending emails letting me know how you are , I really appreciate the contact.

I realise I am lucky to have experienced many pleasant things for the first time since closing the studio on 16th March. For the first time I have cleaned behind the bedroom wardrobes, watched myself on TV, stood in a queue outside Tesco on a lovely sunny day, read my Physiotherapy Monthly magazine on time and yesterday made Hot Cross Buns !! I feel for all of you who are at home alone, I hope you are finding ways to keep yourself going.

On reading the Physio Journal I came across an interesting article on transferable skills and that got me thinking. I remember as a physio student starting clinical placements at the end of first first one was on Orthopaedics at the RVI in Newcastle I can still visualise the row of young men on traction with their broken bones and their banter was quite an can imagine the fun they had meeting me, a shy young student trembling in my shoes !! Then I left my purse on the bus going to the Cottage Hospital at Morpeth and rang my mum from the telephone box in tears as I had no money to get home !!! (using reversed charges in those days ) Not sure what I expected her to do as the lovely staff in the Physio dept provided all that I needed.

So as we face uncertain times in the NHS I'm pleased to have a depth of experience to call on which is greatly needed at this time .

Our working environment has never been so challenging but I have to say it has given me the opportunity to reflect on all those memories that I had forgotten and I feel very privileged to be part of a service doing its best to help those suffering Co-Vid 19 and the normal illnesses that are still happening .

So take care of yourselves, Stay at Home and keep practising Pilates !!

Anne xx

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1 Comment

Anne Burr
Anne Burr
Apr 13, 2020

thanks Jane, from your bed rest days at the RVI to a THR recently the NHS has changed. I have no memory of ladies on traction !!! Funny what the brain remembers !! xx

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