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Happy Christmas

From everyone at Pilates By Physiotherapy I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and Very Best Wishes for the New Year.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and commitment to Pilates. I can’t even begin to reflect on the past year as we find ourselves again taking each day as it comes uncertain of who we will have around our dinner table on Christmas day!!

With several of you tavelling to Europe for Christmas our Zoom class last night had quite an international feel. Thankyou to those of you who continue your pilates whilst on your travels. I feel a great sense of achievement when I see so many of you moving between zoom / live / On demand. We have certainly learnt so much and adapting to on line Pilates has been a life saver for the business.

Don’t forget you can share your Pilates experience with friends and family not living in Durham. We have several clients who have had their assessment and classes all on line and they see great benefit from the sessions. I feel that getting my hands on and working face to face with clients is the most rewarding work I do but I have been amazed at how well zoom works and how the On demand sessions fit well into our lives. I am very grateful to you all for adapting with us in such turbulent times and continuing to enjoy and see the value in Pilates.

Please do spend some time reviewing the videos and find some time to get onto your mat over the festive season. Pilates exercises at this moment in time will help improve Flexibility, Strength, Balance and Peace of Mind.

I hope you all have a Great Christmas, having those you are hoping for around you and I look forwards to hearing in the New Year if Santa got to where he was supposed to be!! This might have been his most challenging year yet !

Take Care


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