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Happy Anniversary Moya !

  • Cant believe how time is flying by !  Hope you are all managing to enjoy some aspects of Lockdown.  I'm trying to stay fit with regular Pilates and some Yoga. I've been doing lots of gardening and feel I've got it looking quite good but I've cheated and bought new agapanthus as my old ones don't look like they are going to flower. ( Hopefully they are just late flowering)  It has been our 30 th wedding anniversary on 26 th May which was a fantastically sunny day .We had Pimms sitting on our swing in the garden and a lovely takeaway curry . We were supposed to be in Spain but it was almost as nice on the day . Hopefully we will celebrate with others when we are allowed out !  My daughter sent the card on the far left . Especially appropriate in these times Best wishes to everyone Moya Ps I am still hoping we will be able to resume classes sometime soonish

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Unknown member
Jun 10, 2020

Congratulations Moya on your anniversary, which will no doubt be memorable in a way not planned, but hopefully enjoyable for all that. Best wishes



Congratulations Moya on 30 years... All best Lesley Kx


Congratulations to you both - a fantastic achievement. Sounds like a wonderful’s to many more happy years. Pilates must be the secret to a long & happy marriage. Co-incidentally we’re also celebrating 30 years this year too & like you will be probably be celebrating in lockdown!!

Mary & Tom xx


Happy Anniversary Moya! Hope everyone is well, very much enjoying the online videos 😊

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