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Food Bank Donations

Following the very successful collection we had for the Durham Foodbank in December 2019 I hope we can match our donation again this year. We will be collecting Donations at the studio from now until Wednesday 1st December.

If you are an on online member please think of Pilates as you shop and buy something extra to put in the collection box in Asda and Tesco or the other collections that go on in other supermarkets. If you would like to come to a live session and drop something off at the same time please get in touch as there are spaces in several classes over the next few weeks. It would be lovely to see you (no extra charge) in the flesh before the year is out !

We had a lovely holiday last week. Thank you to all those of you who adapted your schedule to fit in Pilates at a different time. Rachel Smith did a great job in charge of admin so we had a very peaceful time and hope to go away more often ! Although we did decide having Archie was almost like having a young child with you again ! His interest in the Buoys floating in the harbour and the dead Seal on the beach kept us alert !

I hope you are all enjoying Pilates and making the most of the longer evenings by fitting in an extra on demand session on your mat !

Take Care


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